Mortar Rebound Hammer Testing

ASTM Subcommittee C12.02.07
Standard Test Method for the Determination of Masonry Mortar Rebound Hardness

A very useful tool for the quick evaluation of mortar strength is mortar rebound hammer testing. While not as accurate as destructive methods of evaluation, the rebound hammer test provides MSI technicians the ability to expedite the assessment of mortar quality and preserve heritage construction materials in the process. This knowledge can then inform design professionals as to the need for follow up analysis, such as materials characteristics testing, or even illuminate the proper course of action, which might involve compatible masonry injection.

The mortar rebound hammer test involves the use of a pendulum hammer, which strikes the mortar and accurately determines the effective rebound. This quantitation strongly correlates with mortar condition, providing MSI’s clients with a verifiable understanding of mortar performance and potential for failure.

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