Adaptive Reuse

The adaptive reuse of historic masonry is a growing trend within the construction world. A prominent piece of architectural heritage with a bold, new vision is a gripping and effective way to set a new office building or commercial real estate apart from the rest. Unfortunately, these visions can get mired by the physical realities of a project, not the least of which is the lack of structural capacity and performance attributable to heritage masonry buildings. Often project personnel believe they cannot effectively and affordably enhance existing masonry components to meet a new vision’s requirements. Masonry Solutions can help. We have provided structural enhancement services for a variety of adaptive reuse projects, giving owners and design professionals the means to safely achieve their vision while adhering to performance requirements.

Masonry Solutions International provides the following to develop appropriate structural enhancements:

  • A thorough structural analysis, giving the project team a clear and quantifiable understanding of the situation
  • Access to experienced enhancement specialists who know what it takes to actively and effectively meet the designers goals
  • Non-corrosive, heavy duty Gruenstark anchorage – meets any potential load requirements
  • Long, bore precision dry coring to provide access in even the weakest masonry without damage or detriment
  • Compatible Injected Fill to solidify failing masonry units and restore the structural capacity of ailing masonry walls
  • Non-destructive evaluation and testing to verify the capacity and performance of the enhancement

With Masonry Solutions International, a new take on an old structure is limited only by imagination. For more information on what we can provide, please take a look at our adaptive reuse Case Studies.