About Us

Company Background

For over two decades, Masonry Solutions International, Inc. (MSI) has been a leader in the appropriate stabilization, preservation, and enhancement of masonry, specializing in internal, invisible structural repairs. Founded out of a joint effort with the National Science Foundation, Masonry Solutions International has become a recognized market leader, developing, pioneering, and standardizing approaches to masonry preservation and enhancement that combine the cutting edge and the cost effective. Through careful and deliberate internal wall intervention, MSI can help overcome a host of complex masonry problems, including: Masonry Solutions International can offer remedies to these problems that meet any budget, schedule, or scope. Please contact us to discuss in greater detail any masonry related concerns or difficulties your project may be facing. Our toll-free number is (877) 815-7906.

Our Certification of Excellence

Many owners and design professionals ask us, 'Since your work is discreet, what are my guarantees that your project goals were accomplished?' The answer is simple; the Masonry Solutions International Certification of Excellence. With all our projects, we certify that:

"The rejuvenated structure will perform as well as or better than a new structure built with excellent workmanship, utilizing similar materials, dimensions and design" - The Masonry Solutions International Certification of Excellence

A copy of this certification executed by an independent, registered professional engineer is available upon completion of any project.