Facade Repair and Attachment

Façade stabilization and repair is a critical component on a wide variety of projects. Often, an aging or damaged façade needs to be safely preserved or incorporated into a new renovation. These projects offer their own unique complexities, such as the tying and anchoring of separating or bulging façade units. Repointing is regularly found to be an all too temporary fix, not providing enough structural support to firmly protect the surrounding masonry or those around it.

Masonry Solutions International has helped many owners and design professionals achieve their vision and overcome these challenges by:

  • Accessing a façade’s structural performance and material characteristics
  • Consulting with the design team to develop a plan for repair
  • Manufacturing and installing stainless spiral ties to bind masonry wythes together
  • Utilizing compatible injection to bond masonry units back together and keep them from moving or falling from the façade
  • Perform non-destructive evaluation to ensure the repair is completed, the façade safe and secure

As with all of Masonry Solutions’ work, remediation is internal, leaving the outward appearance of the structure unchanged. Additionally, our efforts do not require the displacement of current trades or occupants. To find out more, please take a look at some of our Case Studies.

Explore some of the advanced technologies MSI employs during its facade repair projects, such as compatible injection fill (CIF) and Gruenstark multi-wythe binding kits.