Enhancement Rods

GRUENSTARK Enhancement Rods (GS-E) are the most sophisticated structural enhancement bars available on the market today. Incorporating available features such as a unique geometric fastening mechanism, cold-worked stainless steel, specially designed fabric components, compatible injection materials, and an optional injection core, the GS-E line provides maximum security across its many applications. GRUENSTARK’s enhancement rods are thoroughly proven in the field, with thousands utilized on critical preservation and enhancement projects around the globe. Installation is minimally invasive and entirely reversible via over-coring. Moreover they are completely invisible when installed. Even with its many advantages, the GS-E line is still often less expensive when compared to the costs of other enhancement systems.

GS-E line features include:

  • Cold-worked Strength
    Our unique cold working process enhances the strength of our stainless steel by up to 300%
  • Exceptional Grip
    Once installed, GRUENSTARK enhancement rods reduce the potential for slippage thanks to our proprietary threading process, which increases surface area and bond capacity
  • Undercut Geometric Connection
    This feature allows for our enhancement rods to develop their strength
  • Superior Design
    Designed by experts with more than 100 years of combined masonry anchoring experience and incorporates the latest developments from around the world as well as our exhaustive R&D program
  • Guaranteed Performance
    Built with our Precision Assurance™ approach to manufacturing to ensure a consistent product
  • Reliable Track Record
    An extensive track record of wide-ranging international projects

For more information on how to specify GRUENSTARK enhancement rods in your next masonry stabilization or enhancement project, please visit the Resources section. Or to learn more about this and other GRUENSTARK enhancement systems, please visit our Case Studies.