Testing and Analysis

Masonry is a complex matrix of structural conditions. With a wide range of construction materials, variable patterns, transfers and configurations, weathering and localized issues, not to mention the peculiarities of the individual mason who placed the units, every masonry structure performs distinctively. As a result, any potential repair or enhancement needs to consider the underlying conditions, problems, and causes present within these constructions before implementation. Masonry Solutions International has performed hundreds of masonry evaluations, providing testing and analysis for owners and design professionals looking to better understand the realities they are dealing with.

Masonry Solutions International offers the following services for testing and analysis:

  • Non-destructive evaluations
  • In-situ and laboratory testing
  • Material characteristics analysis
  • Detailed reporting and data expression

Understanding hidden structural conditions through testing and analysis has always informed MSI’s efforts. No serious repair or enhancement should take place without it. For more information on our non-destructive evaluation and testing, please visit our technologies section, found here.

Or if you would like to review a sample report, please visit our Resources section.