Seismic Retrofit

Due to earthquakes and their related safety concerns, buildings codes are currently being enhanced throughout much of the world. This has left many unreinforced masonry structures in need of immediate seismic retrofit. California alone has thousands of unreinforced masonry buildings, or UMBs, that are required by code to be structurally enhanced to withstand the lateral forces experienced during a quake. Unfortunately, the cost of a retrofit can be extraordinary, causing many project teams to abandon a preferred solution or even a building in general. But there’s a better answer.

Masonry Solutions International has worked on several high profile seismic retrofits, successfully strengthening a building with an advanced methodology that marries the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the ‘bolts plus’ approach with the improved structural performance of more desirable, but expensive options.

Our approach is multi-faceted:

  • Solidification of the masonry units using compatible seismic fill (CSF), creating secure shear walls
  • Light-weight, ductile stitching, anchorage and enhancement systems
  • Proprietary undercut fabric connections at the roof, floors, and supports to maintain monolithic performance
  • The Moduloc dynamic seismic connection system, which has been shown by University of Colorado studies to provide dampening by up to 8%

With this approach, Masonry Solutions International has achieved more robust structures while adhering to budget constraints, providing safety and security in the event of disaster. Please visit our Case Studies to review some of our prestigious work in this field.