Taper-Lok Connection


  • Creates a mechanical lock more secure than any other anchorage connection in the world
  • Easily cored within masonry
  • Can be applied for any length core hole / anchorage
  • Doesn’t rely on bond strength like epoxy anchors
  • More reliable and less costly to install

Masonry Solutions International, Inc. in conjunction with our overseas partners TST LTD, have developed the most sophisticated, secure connection available today. The principle behind the connection is, as with so many great innovations, deceptively simple. A Taper-Lok Connection is utilizes an optimally designed undercut section of coring, which, when combined with a secure locking agent, provides the ideal connection for seismic or high wind and flood enhancements.

For more information on how to specify a Taper-Lok™ connection in your next masonry stabilization or enhancement project, please visit the Resources section. Or learn more about the application of the Taper-Lok™ by viewing relevant Case Studies.