Markets & Clients Served

Masonry Solutions International, Inc. serves a number of diverse markets, including:

Design Professionals

For over 20 years, Masonry Solutions International has been helping design professionals to specify the right techniques and procedures for complex masonry repairs and enhancements. We offer expertise in a wide range of areas, including historic stabilization and water infiltration. Free consultations are available. "For over 15 years, MSI has been a valued resource for masonry stabilization, anchorage, and specialized repairs." Jamie Saxon, Morphy Makofsky Engineering

Building Owners & Maintenance Pros

Maintaining a structure can be difficult, especially when a intricate masonry problem presents itself. Masonry Solutions International can help, connecting you with the right engineering firms, the right contractors, and the right solutions. Our approaches almost always allow for continuous operation, meaning relocation or stoppages need not occur. Additionally, by utilizing Masonry Solutions discreet techniques and technologies, stumbling blocks caused by the disruption of historic fabric are no longer of great concern.

Governments and Municipalities

With repairs and enhancements for government buildings, there are often increase concerns with regard to safety, continuous operations, and minimal disruptions. Masonry Solutions International has delivered time and again, becoming a trusted leader for many governmental bodies and organizations. We’ve worked extensively with federal agencies, including the Army Corps of Engineers and the National Park Services, as well as local and municipal governments, such as the state and city of New York.

General and Sub-Contractors

Masonry Solutions International is proud to have worked side by side with some outstanding contractors during our decades of service. Whether you are a masonry restoration company without the means or experience to handle a difficult structural concern or a general contractor in need a firm that can deliver quickly and under budget, MSI is the go-to team member you’ve been looking for. We draw on our extensive knowledge to apply cost cutting tools and techniques others haven’t even heard of, saving your client time and money. " I really enjoyed working with MSI. It was quite an experience, as I have never seen or even thought about that type of work…FIRST CLASS!" Jay Wylie, Shavers-Whittle Construction LLC "Before we found Masonry Solutions, we had planned to tear down the facade and rebuild it. They allowed us to not only save the structure, but a good deal of time and money also." Rasti Karabinos, Tatras Construction "Masonry Solutions reinforced several four wythe historic brick structures for us; They ensured that the historic features of those buildings were maintained throughout the process." Kevin Corrado, Winter Park ConstructionWithin these markets our project list includes prominent clients as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; New York City Hall, School Construction Authority of New York; Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore and New Orleans, Historic Sonoma, California, and educational institutions such as the University of Missouri and West Point Military Academy. We have worked on a variety of high profile projects, a selection of which can be found by visiting our Case Studies.