Compatible Injected Fill (CIF)

MSI’s Compatible Injected Fill (CIF) is a lime-based or cementitious injection material designed for the stabilization of internal masonry structures, void filling, crack repair, anchor bonding, seismic retrofit, high wind & flood alterations, and the prevention of moisture infiltration. Using NDE and material characteristics testing, CIF is customized to the characteristics of the host structure, making it superior to alternatives, such as epoxy, because of its compatibility to the host, which provides an improved bond, sympathetic performance, durability, and breathability. Compatibility is critical, as inappropriate injection materials can lead to poor vapor transmission, stress concentrations, and, ultimately, the accelerated structural decline of the host. Its cementitious nature also eliminates the concerns over fireproofing often raised with epoxies. An advanced injection material it is tested by independent laboratory engineers using the highest standards possible.

Benefits of CIF include:

  • Non-shrink Design
    Maintains integrity of repair, resists cracking
  • Thermal Compatibility
    Prevents delamination due to temperature change
  • Durability
    Resists weathering, provides freeze/thaw stability and abrasion resistance
  • Low Viscosity
    Excellent flow through cracks and voids
  • Breathability
    Prevents harm to the host structure by promoting proper vapor transmission
  • Single Component
    Easily prepared on-site
  • Proven Performance
    Utilized in hundreds of major projects around the world
  • Highly Customizable
    Additives are available for concerns such as seismic activity, enhanced moisture reduction, and pest resistance

For more information on how to specify CIF in your next masonry stabilization or enhancement project, please use the form below to request a sample specification document. Or learn about how CIF has been successfully utilized on a number of stabilization and enhancement projects by visiting our Case Studies.