MSI’s Multi-Wythe Spiral Wall Ties


  • Made from corrosive-resistant stainless steel
  • Independently tested for optimal performance
  • Built from singular component to maintain rigidity without losing form
  • Designed to work with widely available SDS bits and drills (Off the shelf convenience and cost savings)
  • Small diameter easily installed within mortar joints

Spiral ties or binders provide the necessary lateral support and linkage needed for a host of reasons, from façade anchorage to stabilization of masonry wythes. Masonry Solutions International’s stainless steel ties are manufactured for optimal effectiveness, using just the right mix of angle, depth, and dimension to create security.

For more information on how to specify multi-wythe spiral tie connection in your next masonry stabilization or enhancement project, please visit the Resources section. Or learn more about Masonry Solutions International’s stainless steel spiral ties and their application by visiting our Case Studies section.