Crack Repair

Masonry cracking is often the symptom of developing structural issues requiring more than a rudimentary remediation. Simply patching and re-pointing, for example, will not address problems like foundation settlement, thermal movement, freeze thaw or a separating facade. Masonry Solutions International, using non-destructive evaluation, works to ascertain the root cause of cracking and only then recommend or implement a solution.

In terms of remediation, there are a host of approaches MSI will take to address masonry cracking, including:

  • Detailed analysis, in-situ testing, and non-destructive evaluation to determine the underlying structural conditions causing the cracks, such as separation or moisture
  • Compatible injection to bond units together structurally, eliminate voids that promote cracking, and provide monolithic performance
  • Non-corrosive stitching, tying, and anchoring to eliminate shifting masonry
  • Cathodic protection of steel elements, which can create cracking overtime due to oxidation and rust

Only by truly understanding the structural issues hidden within masonry construction can an appropriate solution be determined, a permanent repair be made, and time, money, and resources be saved in the elimination of temporary fixes. To learn more about MSI’s crack repair background, please visit our Case Studies.