Rising Damp

Due to capillary action, some buildings experience what is typically referred to as ‘rising damp’. This problem, characterized by the presence of moisture infiltration from the ground, often plagues areas that have moisture rich soils and porous buildings. Masonry Solutions International has developed and applied a number of cutting edge methods to not only stop rising damp, but to reverse it as well.

MSI’s solutions for rising damp include:

  • Thermography, microwave radar and mortar analysis to cultivate a precise understanding of the capillary action at work
  • Electronic capillary systems to reverse moisture drive
  • Compatible injection to eliminate passage ways for water to travel

Masonry Solutions can make even historically absorptive structures resistant to rising damp, preventing the damage and deterioration that can result over time. For more information on MSI’s advanced moisture mapping techniques, electronic capillary reversal systems or compatible injection, please visit our Technologies pages.