Stabilization of Historic Structures

Stabilizing or strengthening historic masonry is a delicate task. It requires the resources, technical expertise, and trained personnel to provide safety and security for fragile constructions while assuring their unchanged aesthetics. Masonry Solutions International has successful performed on hundreds of preservation projects, giving new, robust life to aging structures while maintaining their historical integrity.

MSI has the world’s best team of masonry minds, helping restore, reinforce, and rejuvenate heritage structures so they perform like new again.

Masonry Solutions International specializes in the following historic preservation services:

  • Design, manufacture, and installation of advanced non-corrosive reinforcements, such as socked anchors and undercut reinforcements
  • Development and application of Compatible Injected Fill (CIF) to properly bond masonry units back together
  • Performance of non-destructive evaluation and laboratory testing to determine material characteristics and project goal verification
  • Masonry restoration and brickwork
  • Protocol development
  • Masonry analysis and reporting

Please take a look at some of our related Case Studies for more information on our past projects.

Explore some of the advanced technologies MSI employs during its masonry stabilization projects, such as compatible injection fill (CIF), long-bore dry coring and Gruenstark undercut fabric anchorage.

At MSI, we are preserving the past by eying the future.