Wind and Flood Enhancement

It’s not imagination but science that concludes more severe weather conditions are in our future. The National Weather Service continues to warn of a warming world, with increasingly favorable conditions for tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. All across the globe, owners and design professionals are looking to address these challenges by not only building more resilient structures, but by enhancing those that already exist.

Masonry Solutions International has participates in several high profile projects related to high wind and flood retrofit enhancement, utilizing a combination of services to achieve any design objective:

  • Internal non-corrosive reinforcement and anchorage
  • Compatible injection for the enhancement of masonry bond, improved strength, and reinforcement mobilization
  • Installation of undercut geometric locking connections, providing advanced security in critical structural conditions

By reinforcing and solidifying, masonry structures can be enhanced to withstand more than ever, even exceeding the loft expectations of those in the design world. For more information, please review our Case Studies.