Heritage Anchorage

Masonry Solutions International offers and installs a wide range of anchorage for historic masonry applications. The most sympathetic method for securing components within heritage masonry is fabric anchorage. MSI has taken the traditional fabric anchor system, and improved on it in a number of ways, giving owners and design professionals more effective options while decreasing costs. The GRUENSTARK Masonry Fabric Anchor System is the most sophisticated heritage anchoring system on the market today. Incorporating superior craftsmanship, specially designed fabric components, compatible injection materials, and advanced customization options for design professionals; the GRUENSTARK fabric anchorage line provides maximum security for heritage masonry structures. GRUENSTARK’s fabric anchors are already thoroughly proven in the field, with thousands utilized on critical preservation and enhancement projects around the globe. Installation is minimally invasive and entirely reversible by over-coring. Even with its many advantages, this Gruenstark line is often more than competitive when compared to the costs of other fabric anchor systems.

Our fabric anchors consist of:

  • Excellent Craftsmanship
    Each anchor is manufactured by a certified MSI specialist
  • Advanced Design
    Utilizing superior connections and fabric bonding agents for unsurpassed quality
  • Corrosion Resistant
    High quality stainless steel provides long term protection from corrosive elements
  • Premium Fabric Components
    Specially produced fabric conforms and bonds to inner wall geometry more securely
  • Custom Designs
    GSI anchor specialists work with you to achieve the exact anchor your project requires
  • Proven Anchoring Power
    Thousands utilized in major projects across the globe

For more information on how to specify GRUENSTARK fabric anchorage in your next masonry stabilization or enhancement project, please visit the Resources section. Or to learn more about this and other GRUENSTARK anchoring systems, please visit our Case Studies.