Moisture Prevention

Before the advent of cavity wall construction in the 1960-70's, composite walls and collar-joint walls were the standard of the masonry industry. Unfortunately, many of these walls did not provide adequate moisture resistance, as masons found these pre-cavity wall systems impossible to build solid. These partially-filled wall systems introduce water to the interior of structures, promoting mold and unhealthy environments, resulting in "sick" buildings.

Even early cavity walls systems, with inadequate flashing, end dams and weak ties can lead to inadequate moisture protection.

MSI uses the following techniques to help eliminate moisture penetration problems in masonry:

  • Non-destructive techniques, including thermography to determine moisture migration patterns and primary causes of deterioration
  • Surgical interventions, addressing the actual sources and pathways of moisture infiltration
  • ASTM testing procedures to determine quantifiable moisture absorption rates both before and after remediation, ensuring documented success

Through MSI's efforts, moisture migration and sick building syndrome are remedied at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding and without more expensive or disruptive options. To learn more about our experience, please visit our Case Studies.