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Microwave Radar
Microwave Radar

Microwave Radar has existed for decades, but steady improvements, both in terms of hardware as well as accompanying software, have made it an essential technology for the non-destructive evaluation of masonry. Using microwave radar, also known as ground penetrating radar or GPR, Masonry Solutions International’s team of structural analysis experts can glean both the internal conditions of a construction pre-intervention and assess the success of efforts post-intervention. This eliminates guesswork, saves resources, and reduces the need for fabric destroying and operationally disruptive activities.

Below is an actual before and after look at radar results from a masonry intervention using compatible injected fill, or CIF. The left image is pre-injection with the many markings denoting the location of voids in a scanned section of wall.

The right image is post-injection, showing elimination of those voids and a nearly complete solidification of the masonry units. Any remaining voids are noted as encapsulated, and are eliminated using a secondary targeted injection.

Microwave Radar Microwave Radar

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